Commercial Real Estate Experience

• Our knowledge of the local market and experience in negotiating, allow us to secure favorable terms for your investment, sale or lease.

• Focus on your business in confidence, while we handle the real estate work saving you time and money.

• We will create and implement a winning strategy helping you maneuver through the current economic environment. We do this from an unbiased perceptive.

• As a second generation Commercial Real Estate agent, I have experience in all aspects and economies.

Licensed in Virginia

My Story

Andy Mullins is a licensed realtor with over 16 years of experience. He has worked exclusively with RealStar Realtors since his graduation from Emory and Henry College in 2004. Andy is, and has been 100% committed to commercial real estate. In his role, as a realtor, he has assisted numerous buyers, sellers, and owners on various multimillion dollar transactions in the commercial real estate arena. He has shared his specific knowledge in real estate development and ownership over the years with his clients. He acquired a good deal of this knowledge from his father, Steven A. Mullins, who was involved in commercial real estate for over 22 years before his passing in 2012.

Andy is married to his wife Sarah and have one child, Sam. In his free time, Andy enjoys playing golf, watching college football especially the Georgia Bulldogs, and being around family.

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WIth the right information, your investment can grow and you business can thrive.