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Andy has a proven record of providing customers with above average returns for his clients his continually getting the best rates for leases and sale prices. Andy works by understanding your long and short-term goals to develop a comprehensive and specialized strategy, based on both the properties location and condition. Andy wants you to achieve the greatest potential position and alignment with your investment objectives.


Why US?

I have been devoted to commercial real estate and building relationships for over 16 years.

My philosophy is not for a short-term relationship but to create lucrative lasting relationships with all of our clients, and build a collaborative environment of trust and proven results.

My Process

Andy’s leadership is entrepreneurial, he gets things done by building innovative ideas and working together with you. Plus he knows experts, builders, contractors and people in the community.

The best way to work with us is to call 540-580-6287, so that I can evaluate your current position. Then I can recommend a number of good properties for you.

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